The complete B2B Marketing Terms guide

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As a B2B organization, whether a Saas startup, Proptech or any other company, when  reaching the stage of planning your marketing strategy, you usually encounter countless marketing terms, some of which you might know, but most would seem complicated and unclear. 

Not to worry, we’ve got you covered so the next time this comes up, you’re a regular marketing expert.

Lets start with the simple stuff:

Digital Marketing Metrics:


Cpc stands for Cost Per Click, which is a metric designed to demonstrate the actual cost you pay for every person clicking on your ad.


One of the most common and ask for terms, which stands for Cost Per Lead. This metric determines the cost we pay for every lead, generated from our marketing campaigns.


In short: Click Through Rate. It sums up the times a user who sees our ad, clicks it, (Impression >> Clicks), this metric is calculated in %’s, for example: 

Ad Clicks 

Ad Views X 100 

Bounce Rate

A bounce rate, emphasis on the word “Bounce”,  is the rate of people who left your website before actually consuming content. 

If you had 2 people on your website and one of them stayed for 30 seconds while the other immediately closed the window, you have a 50% bounce rate. 


This term stands for a general, yet highly important metric, meaning Conversion Rate Optimization. How do I optimize my conversion rate? which is built by a number of different factors in my campaign, ads and website. 


Lifetime value – the complete amount of monetary value that you will ultimately receive from a single customer. 

This metric assists in singling out the ultimate type of conversion (customer) for your company. 


Cpa stands for cost per action. This measures how much we’ve spent on a users action in general, like registering, calling, clicking and so on. 


Cost for Customer Acquisition, (Customer acquisition cost) means the amount of money we spend on acquiring a new customer, including all of our marketing efforts. 


Opening rates – metrics used in email marketing, to determine how many people who’ve received  my email ads, actually opened them. 


Return on investment. This is the metric we use to determine how much revenue we made in return for our hard earned marketing budget, spent on the different campaigns. 

Organization types:


Short for ‘Business to Consumer’, common fraise for companies that direct their marketing efforts, products or services to end consumers and not to other businesses. 


This one you probably already know – Business to Business, organizations that deliver a product or service towards other businesses and not your ordinary individual consumer.


In some cases, your marketing strategy might envolve targeting nonprofit organizations in your target audience. A nonprofit organization is a charitable association, funded by different sources in order to promote a certain cause. 


A company in the field of property, assisting in different aspects, usually technological to improve and innovate different service and approaches in real estate. 


Software as a service. A Saas company is a technological company that provides a service that is given as a software, such as for example a CRM, which is a software that we use to manage our clients and business information. 

Important positions for targeting: 


Ciso, a position held mostly in technological organizations, yet not limited to – is a Chief Information Security Officer. This person is in charge of the decision making in the field of software or tech purchases for the company. 


Chief Marketing Officer, this person is responsible for the complete marketing strategy and other marketing endeavors of any organization, including planning, and executing marketing activities. 


Chief Technology Officer, the person responsible for tech development and purchases. This is the position holder to target whenever you’re interested in marketing tech and software solutions. 


Chief Of Operations, the person in charge of general operations at the company. This role is held for managing various types of activities in the company such as Business development and more. 

C – level position

C level is a general term for any position holder that is a Chief of something. 

Mostly CEOs, CTOs, CMOs, CISOs and COOs. 

General Marketing Terms


The system responsible for organizing all of our customer data, funnels and information. 

CRM – “Customer Relationship Management” system, assists in making sure our campaigns, funnels and general optimization for lead generation is running smoothly. 


Pay Per Click – This is a general term describing most digital campaigns and the digital marketing world. 


One of the most important things to place in your ads, is the CTA (Call to action). 

When you advertise, you do it for a certain purpose. Your CTA helps in driving your target audience towards that purpose, like signing up for a demo, call, etc.


Your Marketing Qualified Leads are the leads that you most desire. These leads are the ones who are likely to become your actual customers. 


Search Engine Optimization, How to optimize your website for being displayed on google without utilizing a PPC strategy, by using content and different adaptations.


The user’s experience, on your platform, website, or app. It is a field meant to optimize the way your target audience experiences your service.


The completion of UX, this is the user’s interface with your service / product and the emphasis in this case is on the design that combines the UX that was built.

Campaign types: 


Account based marketing, in plain words, the marketing tool that enables you to combine your sales and marketing efforts into a personalized, data driven, lead generating campaign, by targeting specific individuals who are highly relevant to your goal. 


Google Display Network, this is name describes all ads that you see on different sites that google works with (which is most sites). GDN enables us to advertise on websites and applications and with either responsive or regular banners and even videos.


This is short for a campaign called ‘Dynamic Key Word Insertion’. It’s more of a tactique used on the Google Search Network, to customize your ads according to search terms that were typed by users on Google. 


Lead Generation, commonly known on Facebook ads and Linkedin ads, as the campaign type which enables the user to click on an ad and receive a form to submit their information to, without being transferred to a different website. 


A campaign with a goal of reaching your target audience and being noticed.

Traffic / Conversion

A campaign type designed to drive traffic to your website / landing page with the goal of having your target audience to consume content or convert to an actual lead.

Want to learn more? 

The true list of marketing terms in almost endless and ever growing. Want to learn which terms are most relevant to your company, and how do use them to your advantage? 

Sign up now for a free consultation call with one of our marketing experts! 

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The complete B2B Marketing Terms guide

As a B2B organization, whether a Saas startup, Proptech or any other company, when  reaching the stage of planning your marketing strategy, you usually encounter